A Few Quick Acknowledgements

Now that The Other Day has gotten our printed CDs in ready for the release and have this nifty blog for our little soapbox, I’d like to start with a few shoutouts and acknowledgements.

First— a shoutout and thanks to everyone who has gotten this project to where it is: the band: Ken, Andrew, Derek, Jennifer and Catt — all of our families, spouses, kids and those who look after our charges so that we can do what we do — in particular: Keith and Moriah, our incredible studio engineer: Bradley Timko, .  We also want to thank all of the other musicians who have blessed us with their talents while we were trying to get this band off the ground: Steve Casteel, James Mitchell (aka Tony Slaughter), Shea Heatherly, Carlos Fair, Chip Schwartz and last but not least: Jeff Waites and Rob McClendon with whom we began this journey.

Even though the music isn’t set to be released until the 15th of January, Andrea Young of Aspen Public Radio saw fit to play the preview track of “Sway” we sent out back in November, making them the first radio station to play our material, and we appreciate what she did for us. Thank you Andrea.

The second radio station to pick up The Other Day is Huntsville Alabama’s WLRH 89.3 FM/HD.  A big thanks to Brad Posey at The Invisible City for playing “Mi Flor de la Noche” on the Dec. 19th, 2015 episode. Salute!

Finally there are a WHOLE lot of folks who have been very good to The Other Day on twitter …more than this space or time permits. However there are a few in particular that do so much for all of the indie music presence I twitter that we just have to give them a little shoutout: Walter Hargrave who has tirelessly promoted bands via his IndieMusicBus, IndieGreats, IndieHabit, IMBScout and ClubKnowledge networks for years. There is also Limey59 who runs Limey59Music community on Facebook and is a indie promotion enthusiast. Also: VIP Music Promotion, Bham FreePressMusic, Dr. Decade, IndieOnTheMove, JessLoveRock, GailKingSongs, ConnieImage, Kareña K and CrazyForJensen



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